My name is LaDonna Jarden I am a native Houstonian and now reside in Louisiana. I was born and raised in Houston and never have i forgotten my roots. I began to journal in order to help me gather my thoughts; which led me to become a writer. I felt the need to share my story with those who are hurting and don’t know how to maximize their potential in life.

I write to encourage those who are hurting and dealing with low self esteem, marital issues and just to feel the need to connect with God spiritually.

I’m an ordinary . . . mess, really. But my issues are being redeemed for good. I gave up trying to be more than who I am. I found such freedom being who God made me and following Jesus that I am an addicted pusher. I want everyone to find the satisfying love and acceptance that I’ve found. I’m ordinary, but I have purpose.

I have four beautiful children, not perfect, but they are God sent. Each child has taught me a different level in life and it motivates me to keep writing and be a better mother. I am married to Rev Ronald Jarden who is also a native Houstonian and is a local minister here in the city of Deridder.

Our job is to reach the lost and seek those who need to find their purpose in life.

Welcome to the author’s page for LaDonnaJarden. Nominated as a bestselling authorforher book Removal of the Mask!

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